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winsun Australia DreamWorks helps Australia's ecological construction

After careful preparation and layout, winsun3D Printed Australia joint venture factory officially settled in Melbourne, Australia, and successfully printed a series of houses and building components.

 winsun began to arrange in Australia in 2016.We have visited Australia several times and was interviewed by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has expressed his expectation of the arrival of winsun3D printed buildings to help build Australia.


Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott met with Chairman of the Board of Directors Ma Yihe

In Australia, processes and types of work needed in building a house are intricated.For the formal process, civil engineering, retaining walls, foundations and slabs, brickwork, roofs, roof drainage systems, power systems, sewers... ... and other processes, the house construction process needs to coordinate the work progress of each type of work.Once one process is delayed, other follow-up progresses need to wait or re-plan, and the construction of the house depends on the proficiency of each type of work.

Australian self-built housing construction

winsun3D printing construction technology simplifies the construction of the house.The whole building construction process is completed by the intelligent 3D printer. It only needs to be hoisted on site, and the pipeline is reserved during the printing process. Working hours are guaranteed.


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On September 24, 2019, the 2nd Global Building Technology Forum was held in Dubai as scheduled. The forum brought together more than 200 construction industry leaders from around the world, representatives from 15 countries, and more than 50 super speakers, on the current popular building technology: 3D printed architecture, AI, BIM, virtual construction, big data and robotics. Discussed. Ma Yihe, Chairman of Yingchuang Building Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the meeting.