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Chilean Construction Industry Technology R&D Center Delegation Investigates Yingchuang 3D Printed Architecture

On the 18th, a delegation from Chile's construction industry technology R&D center, Chile's 12 real estate industry, construction industry technology research and development, engineering construction industry, electrical automation, consulting services, financial industry leading enterprises, Chile construction industry technology R & D center delegation visited Create, visit and learn 3D printing construction technology, and seek cooperation opportunities with Yingchuang.

The company's overseas team gave a detailed introduction to Yingchuang's 3D printed architectural research results, advanced 3D printed technology, environmental protection, and project classics. Yingchuang has obtained more than 300 national patents and has been recognized by the construction industry at home and abroad. The project has successfully landed in Dubai, Australia, Brazil, Nigeria and other countries. Representatives from both sides discussed the specific details of Yingchuang's 3D printed building technology into Chile and cooperation. Representatives of the Chilean Construction Industry Technology R&D Center expressed their expectation that Yingchuang 3D printed buildings will be stationed in Chile to promote the upgrading of the Chilean construction industry.

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Yingchuang 3D printed isolation house aids Rizhao City, Shandong Province

In the afternoon of the 23rd, Yingchuang's 3D printed building began its third anti-epidemic tour. Two sets of 3D printed isolation houses were sent to Qinlou Street Community Health Service Center (Health Center) in Rizhao City, Shandong Province for epidemic prevention and control. The 3D printed isolation house is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yingchuang promises to ship in Qingpu, Shanghai. It is expected that it will reach the Qinlou Street Community Health Service Center in Rizhao City, Shandong Province tomorrow. . This house retains 3D printed layers of superimposed texture. After the epidemic, it can be used as a mobile office, mobile store, and mobile newsstand, with a beautiful urban effect.