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Innovation! Winsun3D printing technology is used in this place...

With the completion of the installation of the secondary bank revetment project of the Sushen Foreign Port Line (Jiangsu section), the 3D printied technology is officially applied to the national inland waterway remediation project. The completed 3D printied revetment process is simple, the line shape is smooth, and the appearance is beautiful, which provides a new idea for the construction of water transportation engineering.

No.1new technology! High standards to create green waterways

In the past, the secondary retaining wall of the channel revetment used rigid structures of concrete cast-in-place type, as well as prefabricated flexible structures such as self-locking blocks, imitation wood piles and box retaining walls. Although such a structure can satisfy the retaining function and a certain landscape effect, the structural integrity is relatively poor, and the construction consumes a lot of labor.

Nowadays, the Sushen Outer Port Line (Jiangsu section) channel remediation project is the first attempt to build a secondary revetment using 3D printing technology, with the following advantages:

More economical

3D printied technology relies on powerful computer modeling functions and automated production processes to enable automated production of revetment structures, on-site installation, and greatly reduce manual input.

More ecological

3D printied technology can realize the requirements of personalized landscape design, realize the landscape ecological effect that can not be obtained by conventional technology, and make the project more integrated into the environment along the line, close to nature.

More environmentally friendly

The raw materials used in 3D printing technology are sourced from urban building recycling resources, so that construction waste materials can be recycled, and the environmental protection concept of additive manufacturing is truly realized.

No.2new challenge! High-level completion of construction

Because it is the first time to use 3D printied secondary revetment in the inland waterway project, the design unit constantly optimizes the structural scheme to ensure that the printing structure meets both safety and stability requirements and meets the landscape requirements, and finally forms a solution.


An optimization

The main body of the revetment adopts the buttress cavity structure, which reduces the amount of concrete by more than 2/3 compared with the concrete retaining wall of the same size, which greatly saves the investment of raw materials.

Second integration

The revetment structure is 4 meters per section and weighs about 5 tons. This segmentation method not only facilitates the lifting of the site, but also ensures the integrity of the structure. After the precise division of the design paragraph line, the segment-by-segment printing and segment-by-segment installation are realized. Precise control of the line type.

Three promotion

The top of the revetment is provided with a staggered type of green planting empty box, and the bottom of the empty box and the back of the wall are backfilled to complete the exchange of water to provide a water foundation for plant growth. The city's water transport is closely organizing the construction of landscape plants, and the later will significantly improve the green landscape effect of the bank.

No.3New journey! High quality boosts water transport development

The Sushen Outer Port Line (Jiangsu Section) is a national high-grade waterway and one of the important provincial freight lanes between Jiangsu and Shanghai. The regional status is very prominent. The Sushen Outer Port Line (Jiangsu Section) waterway improvement project is constructed according to the third-level standard. The total mileage of the rectification is 29.441 km, 5 (new) bridges are built, and 2 anchorages are anchored. The renovation project runs through Wuzhong, the park, Wujiang and Kunshan. Waiting for four administrative counties and districts, the estimated total investment is 1.463 billion yuan.

At present, the 3D printied secondary revetment site has been completed, and the Sushen Outer Harbour Line has added a beautiful landscape. The bank protection is good overall, the line is smooth, and it effectively protects the invasion from waves and currents. Later, it will plant green plants to add luster to the new waterway that creates “water beauty, shore beauty and environmental beauty”.

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