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[Toilet revolution] Yingchuang 3D printed public toilets help rural toilet construction

Suzhou Dayangshan 3D printed public toilet

"Difficult to use the toilet" was once an annoying thing for the masses. Yingchuang promotes the "toilet revolution", and has applied 3D printed construction technology to the construction of scenic public toilets, museum public toilets, public bus station public toilets, ecological arid toilets, and ecological public toilets. It has created a forest in and outside the toilets of the Dayangshan Scenic Area in Suzhou The artistic conception makes the public toilet of the Haikou Museum a scientific and technological landscape, which solves the poverty alleviation toilets in Jinchang City, Shaanxi Province, and integrates the toilets into the landscape.

Recently, Yingchuang's public toilets for rural areas were piloted in Huadu District, Guangzhou, in Lian'an Village, Huadong Town and Luoxian Village, Huacheng Street. Their materials are recycled building renewable resources, and they are constructed with zero pollution and very environmentally friendly. Its strength exceeds that of traditional reinforced concrete buildings. The design of 3D printed public toilets is in harmony with the surrounding environment and nearby architectural styles, reflecting the architectural characteristics of Lingnan. At present, the 3D printed public toilets in Lian'an Village, Huadong Town have been basically completed, and are the first batch of 3D printed public toilets in Guangzhou.

3D printed public toilets in installation

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