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"Welcome to the future"about Yingchuang

Yesterday, the film crew of Channel 4 ’s “Welcome to the future” came to Yingchuang to explore the future of 3D printing. Mr. Ma Yihe, the chairman of Yingchuang, received the filming group.

Affected by cold air, light rain fell in Suzhou yesterday, but the temperature dropped sharply, but the film crew did not meet the enthusiasm of the filming team. The filming team photographed Yingchuang Suzhou 3D Printing Park. Construction, the camera crew marveled at Yingchuang's various fields of 3D printed buildings.

Channel 4 is the UK's public service free TV network, and BBC, itv, and channel 5 are the four major groups of British television. "Welcome to the future" is an exciting new large-scale program produced by Channel 4 in the UK and will be broadcast in February next year. This column will include the latest global green new technologies to protect the human future, including 3D printing technology, driverless cars, surgical robots ...

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