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Personalized arrangements for Hubei employees to return to work, the company's approach in Shanghai has been recognized by employees

Chen Qinghui, reporter of Guangzhou Daily

Yingchuang Construction Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that truly realizes 3D printed buildings. During the epidemic, donated a number of isolated houses and quarantine houses to Hubei and Shandong. According to reports, after the epidemic situation, the 3D printed quarantine room can be used as a guard room, newspaper kiosk, and lounge after being hoisted. When the quarantine room cannot meet the actual needs, it can be transported back to Yingchuang, and after crushing and grinding, it can be turned into a 3D printed building ink and printed into a new building to play a new role.

The company currently has three factories in Shanghai, Suzhou and Xiangyang. With the resumption of work and production, employees have returned to their positions. How does a Hubei employee arrange work? Chen Han, the head of publicity of Yingchuang Company, told reporters that the company will arrange work according to the actual situation of employees.

It is reported that Hubei employees can return to Suzhou with Hubei Healthy Green Code, but they must apply for Suzhou City Code according to the requirements of Suzhou City, and implement isolation measures according to the different colors of Suzhou City Code. Red Code is isolated for 14 days, Yellow Code is isolated for 7 days, and Green Code No isolation is required, but the unit needs to be set up with an independent station. Chen Han said that the Suzhou factory now has Hubei employees returning to work and has arranged independent work stations. "If it is a Hubei employee living in an employee dormitory, Yingchuang has a branch office in Xiangyang, Hubei, because it cannot be isolated in the dormitory. These people have been arranged to work in Xiangyang. After the epidemic, or after the policy is relaxed, return to Suzhou or Shanghai.

According to reports, if it is not a local health green code employee, it needs to be quarantined for 14 days. Chen Han told reporters that if employees are isolated in the hotel, the company will subsidize. An Yingchuang employee said that the current policies and isolation conditions provided by Suzhou Park and the corresponding communities are very good. They have not been discriminated against, and they can understand the isolation policy.

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