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[wonderful video] 2020 Yingchuang 3D printing building global press conference


Multi dimensional discussion on the application of Yingchuang 3D printing building in urban traffic and water conservancy facilities

Wang Huan, chief digital officer, Asia Pacific region, Saint Gobain

Eric hoefmans, COO, Yingchuang 3D construction Africa

Wu Shun, vice president of AECOM / excellent technology team in China

Wu chongxiang executive president of companion culture and Tourism Group

Zhou Binggao, vice chairman and President of Nantong Sanjian holding (Group) Co., Ltd


Resource utilization of Yingchuang 3D printing building technology in traffic infrastructure construction

Song Shaohua, deputy general manager of Suzhou Ring Expressway Co., Ltd

Chen Guangjie, deputy director of Suzhou Waterway Management Office

Shao Shegang, deputy director of research center of highway traffic environment, Academy of highway science, Ministry of transport

Jinxin, general manager of Beijing wosarun Technology Co., Ltd

Yingchuang 3D printing rainbow gate

Yingchuang 3D printing building complex

Yingchuang 3D printing isolation house

Yingchuang 3D printing irregular flower bed

Yingchuang 3D printing Suzhou Ring Expressway sound barrier

Secondary bank revetment of Jiangsu section of Jiangsu port line printed by Yingchuang 3D

Yingchuang's 3D printing logo has landed in Guangxi construction engineering installation technical school

Yingchuang 3D printing Green Wall -- Shanghai Binjiang longlan road green wall

Yingchuang is a 3D printing public toilet of Hainan Museum

Yingchuang is a 3D printing landscape house of Chengdu Expo Park

Yingchuang 3D printing municipal project - bus station

Yingchuang 3D printing Dubai government office building

Yingchuang 3D printing 6-story building project - 5 floors above ground and 1 floor underground

Yingchuang 3D printing 1100m2 luxury villa project -- integrated printing of interior and exterior decoration

Yingchuang 3D printing Chinese classical courtyard project

Yingchuang 3D printing special-shaped building

Yingchuang 3D printing APEC summit - wall of Lianxi Pavilion

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